Sustainability and Sumdayz: green Future Project

August 1, 2022

Sumdayz Climate Impact
Powered by Green Future Project

Our mission at Sumdayz is based around two key elements. A passionate belief in the power of musical experience while making sure we are causing no unnecessary harm to others or the environment.

With our full lineup now confirmed, we are delighted to bring you information on how all of us can support the natural world while enjoying a new party in Rome. Sumdayz Festival has joined forces with Green Future Project to bring awareness and raise support for ecological causes locally and internationally.

Green Future Project, like Sumdayz, are Italian based. They offer certified, nature-based projects to support restoration, preservation, renewable energy, and marine restoration projects.

Within Italy they have already made an impact. Around the north-eastern municipality of Vicenza they have worked to rehabilitate woodland areas as a means to improve biodiversity of species such as birds and pollinator insects. These areas of the natural world are fundamental to keep ecosystems in balance.

Elsewhere they have positively impacted reforestation in Ecuador, mangrove protection in Indonesia and climate affected communities in Madagascar.

Our goal is to showcase these incredible ecological projects while bringing a full program of incredible musical artists, local artisanal creators and digital artworks that will leave a lasting impression

Sumdayz Festival provides an opportunity to escape the stress of day-to-day life for 2 days this year. However, it's what we do for the other 363 days that will leave our mark on this world.

Find Green Future Project at Sumdayz Festival this September 10 & 11 to see how you can get involved.