June 15, 2022

A HUGE weekend of music, creativity and incredible experience with a special lineup. A first of its kind in Rome, with Sumdayz Festival first edition!

Some of the worlds best and brightest artists behind the decks will be bringing the vibe at this years Sumdayz Festival. We can't wait to bring you all an amazing weekend of party culture in the Italian capital, Rome.

You will already be familiar with the amazing work produced by the likes of Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom) since their beginnings in the France party scene. Likewise, the respective histories of performers tINI, Traumer, Praslea, Raresh, Priku, Barac & Jeremy Underground require no introduction.

Onur Özer, Quest, Christian AB, Black Loops, Domenico Rosa, Giammarco Orsini, GNMR, Sugar Free, Fabrizio Sala, Marcolino & Triad will also be in Europe's most iconic city on September 10 & 11 to get us dancing.

We are also delighted to bring some of the best up and coming young DJ's to the Sumdayz stages such as Elliot Schooling, Liam Palmer, Koko, Peter LC, Ageless and our Sumdayz Resident, Vithz

Tickets for Sumdayz 2022 can be found on www.sumdayz.com and DICE