July 1st, 2021

Before our imminent launch in the coming year, we have been observing some of the staggering statistics surrounding the festival industry across Europe.

Our aim at Sumdayz is to become the most experiential music festival accessible in Italy. The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in music festival attendance with a culture thriving on experience, however, Italy is far behind its European counterparts with a market eager for a year-on-year opportunity to enjoy music with thousands of fellow music fans.

The United Kingdom has seen its Music festival attendance more than double since 2012 reaching 5.2million in 2019 with no signs of the pace slowing down. This trend is similar across other world-leading countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Portugal in addition to Eastern Europe as young people have begun to favor experientialism as a way of enjoying their favorite music & finding a festival that they can belong to. There's more excitement than ever...