May 5, 2022

Since the beginning of our journey together, the Sumdayz team have always wanted to bring some of the most exciting creative minds together. Therefore, we would like to introduce the amazing designers behind 'AT Studio'.

You will have seen their presence across all of our online platforms since we first announced that Sumdayz Festival will be taking place on 10 & 11 September 2022 at CityLab 971, Rome.

AT Studio designs, develops and produces unique identities with custom digital and physical experiences. With a focus on research at the core of their practice, AT Studio works with clients worldwide to create engaging stories. The founders of AT Studio, Stella Stone and Joshua Billsborough, have been with us since the very early days of Sumdayz, focusing on the visual and curatorial structure of the festival.

Stella is a visual Artist, Curator and Creative Director who has worked and lived between Milan, New York City, London to name a few. As Creative Director and Curator of LAVA Club, a curatorial production team and Physical art gallery, bringing digital artists into physical spaces. She has created installation exhibitions and curatorial productions with digital artists, exploring the solidification of light, transforming it into the subject matter and showcasing her body of work.

We asked Stella about the impact that travelling around the world has on her work.

"Ever since we started working as AT Studio, we have had the absolute pleasure and honour (and luck) of seeing and meeting the world. When you make something for someone else, the powerful effects of visuals and making people happy, fulfil you. The more we meet different people, the better we can understand visual language."

Joshua, alias Bimbo Kermit, is a visual artist, playing between illustration and graphic design, he has has nurtured the intricate skill of combining different styles to create unique solutions. Joshua's clients include Nike, Adidas, NSS Magazine, Corriere Della Sera, Milano Music Festival, Fondazione Pistoletto and many more.

Joshua explained "working with brands and identities worldwide, you really get to understand people, culture and humanity overall so much better. You get to produce something special that then resonates worldwide, it's humbling."