During the early days of September 2022, we hosted our debut pre party at the historical 'Ex Macello' in Milan and started with a bang. Two days later we saw thousands of people join for our main event, Sumdayz Festival. The coming together of everyone will forever be held close to our hearts.

Our intention was to stay true to our goal, "bring a party like no other to Italy". The first thing we wanted to curate was a group of artists who, between them, have crafted the highest level of performance on stages across the world. Some of our lineup have played in Rome before but ultimately it is the collective talent that brings a real party.

Beautiful memories are attached to every moment. The incredible takeover of the Cube Stage from Barac on Sunday, Quest and Domenico Rosa's after party sets and the overwhelming vibe at Apollonia's set on Saturday at AREA 971 all stand out immediately.

Creative artworks adorned the platforms of AREA 971 and the Cube Stage. The much-spoken about mask installation behind our DJs on AREA 971 was illuminated with visuals that emphasized every beat. The journey and hard work that went into making these installations possible was monumental - unlikely friends from all over the city helped to make it happen. We send our gratitude again to all of you!

Many guests found themselves lost in the wonder of our Market Bazaar hosted and managed by the excellent team at Mustart. It was amazing to see the huge variety of craftsmanship on display for everyone to investigate while taking a step away from other activities. Many artisans traveled to the festival with their unique fascinations, available for guests to take home or talk directly about commission specific commissions. Some of you will have seen the original artwork made at our Jagermeister Selfie mirror by Papera di latta!

The NFT collection displayed from Brightleaf Laboratories gave some artistic license to bring in the modified Jeep, found next to the lounge space in AREA 971. Bold plantlife, muddied wheels and painted exteriors only added to the beauty of our biggest performance space. In turn, guests were able to see more of what the Brightleaf team have been working on with more information available at their 8-screen digital exhibition where the stars of the collection, the 'Guardians', were displayed.

This country is famous for its kitchens, so we couldn’t invite everyone and not bring a taste of Italy to Sumdayz Festival. Our amazing group of street food vans that pulled up and served some beautiful Roman-made food were welcomed greatly by a set of international and local ticket holders alike.

Yet, after this monumental effort from so many staff and helpers, it was the inspired emotion that our ticket holders brought to the festival site that made everything possible.

No matter how much we could try, the true beauty of an event like ours comes from the people that traveled from all over the world to support us. We had representatives of almost every European country but on top of this, we met people from further away lands like South America, North America and Asia too. It was a dream to see such a mixture of nationalities all come together at Sumdayz Festival 2022. Our biggest thank you goes out to all of you - we can’t wait to dance again soon…